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Born in the 60s, is a shirt used in the sport of "hockey on horseback" or also known as Polo. And later in 1920, designer René Lacoste transformed long-sleeved polo shirts into short-sleeved polos, and polo shirts soon became one of the "classic" shirts that are always present in the wardrobe. Modern gentleman's clothes – Polo shirts have a polite look but are still extremely dynamic and attractive.
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Fabric material

Pique woven fabric - cotton woven mesh fabric, creating softness and breathability for those who love to exercise or play sports, good sweat absorption and 4-way stretch, providing a sense of comfort comfortable and easy to use.




  • Black
  • Coral
  • Hunter Green
  • Purple
  • Black/White and Red Tipped
  • Blue Geo
  • Blue Pineapple
  • Blue/Navy Rugby Stripe
  • Blue/White Palm
  • Blue/White and Red Tipped
  • Charcoal Heather
  • Dress Blue
  • Green
  • Green/White and Blue Tipped
  • Hot Pink
  • Indigo Palm
  • Lavender
  • Light Blue
  • Light Grey Heather
  • Light Pink
  • Navy Bar Stripe
  • Navy Dot
  • Navy/Wtiteanchor
  • Navy/White and Red Tipped
  • Oatmeal Heather
  • Olive
  • Olive Geo Camo
  • Orange/White and Blue Tipped
  • Pineapple
  • Pink Bar Stripe
  • Pin Kiwi
  • Red
  • Red/Navy Rugby Stripe
  • Red/Navy and White Tipped
  • Red/White Dot
  • Rust
  • Small Verrogated
  • Tan
  • White/Navy Dot
  • White/Navy Micro Geo
  • White/Red and Navy Tipped
  • Yellow/Navy Rugby Stripe
  • Green/Navy Rugby Stripe
  • Large Verrogated
  • Navy/White Stripe
  • Evergreen
  • Orange
  • Cadet Blue
  • Teal Stripe


1. Classic-Fit Polo Shirt
Classic-Fit is a classic Polo Shirt design, with a loose fit and without any body-tight details. The spacious and airy design gives the wearer a feeling of not being constrained. In particular, the Classic-Fit Polo shirt is cut wide from the armpit to the waist, ensuring comfort for all your movements.

2. Regular-Fit Polo Shirt
Regular-Fit is innovated from the traditional Classic-Fit shape with a smaller waistline, armpits, and bust will be cut not as wide as the Classic-Fit design.
The level of hugging of the Regular- Fit Polo Shirt is between Classic- Fit, and Slim Fit.
The highlight of the Regular-Fit Polo Shirt line is to hug the body but still feel comfortable. If you are confident with your figure, then this is a shirt designed for you. The shirt will help your body be exalted, bring a balanced and strong body. For men with a slightly fuller figure, this shirt is still quite suitable for you because it can hide body flaws and make the body look slimmer.
Regular Fit Polo Shirts are a pretty popular choice these days because they are quite "easygoing" suitable for almost any body shape and age. This style makes men look young and elegant while still feeling a comfortable fit.

3. Slim-Fit style Polo Shirt
Slim-Fit is the name used to describe Polo Shirts that hug the wearer's body at the waist, chest, and shoulders. This type of shirt is really an item that helps to bring out the beauty of guys who have a standard body, toned muscles, or don't have any overly ostentatious rings.
Slim-fit guys are also advised to choose a Slim-fit polo shirt, because the tailor-made cuts that hug the waist and shoulders will create a feeling of a fuller figure, making you no longer too confident. about your body.
The Slim-Fit line is mainly for young men with healthy and balanced bodies.


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